Monday, July 28, 2014

Take 2 | Sandlot

It's the day after reveal, how is everyone feeling? Did you snag all the kits you wanted and soak up all the inspiration in the gallery? I have a little tradition after reveal day I wanted to share with you guys today! :) I love getting the kits, opening them up and just creating what ever comes to mind,... whatever inspires. But my second favorite is when I re-organize my kits after reveal, find all the hidden gems I forgot to add, or have just discovered through the AWESOME team over at Studio Calico, (they always use things in such innovative ways!). So here is what is on my desk at the moment and some ideas I have on what is next!......

First off these paints!!!! I love the whole color theory line and am super excited to be able to have the perfect shades of paints to add to my projects. These weren't in yet when I was working with Sandlot so I am excited to have them in hand now! When I think of paints I think of Kim....

I love how Kim used the transparent alpha in the main kit. Painting BEHIND them! So smart ...that girl!!! These are my FAVE!! They make such a statement on a page, I want use of them! 

The Hercules kits was one of my FAVORITE kits this month (I loved the combo. of papers and the stamp!!)  and I still have lots to use from it! I wanted to just pull a couple of my favorite projects using this fun kit! 

I adore how Lori used it to match her photo PERFECTLY and then left a trail of yummy emblishments along the page! Seriously perfection!

Maggie Massey ROCKED that FANCY stamp like not other!!!! I love how she used the mask as well! 

Another thing I picke up at reveal was not ONE, not TWO but THREE sets of these adorable cards. Crazy? Yes but I LOVE THEM!!! I love having cute elements like this around the house not only for PL, but they would be perfect for a gift card, a little note... really anything goes! I mean seriously how cute are these envelopes?

With all that inspiration the first thing I am going to work on is a mini album for my husband (with our recent Alaska trip!) using the digital template I create for the store this month! 

Barbara already knocked it out of the park! Seriously her attention for detail and innovative ideas always inspire me so much!

While you are over in the digital shop make sure to pick up these FREE journal cards from Brighton Pier. I am sorry that PEAR gets me EVERY time!

 Off to create! Talk to you soon!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pamela Baldwin | Inspires

I am sure you already know her, but if you don't you are missing out! I love Pam's sense of style and how she tells a story. Her pages draw you in and her stories make you fall in love! When we were asked to lift a member for our gallery this month over at Studio Calico my mind went directly to PAM!!!  You will have a chance to be inspired by Pam and win a $35 gift certificate to Studio Calico also!!! But before I share all the details with you let's get to know Pam a little better, shall we?

  Hi there! I'm Pam Baldwin :)  I'm Canadian, I'm a wife and a mom, I'm a Hematology-Oncology nurse, I'm a pretty good cake decorator, I'm an overuser of smiley faces :) and exclamation points!!!, I dream of the day when sleeping in means later than 6:30 am, I am not a coffee/tea drinker but I am hooked on the caffeine content of Diet Pepsi (see pervious statement re: dreams), I'm our family memory keeper aka. scrapbooker & photographer, I am thrilled to be a member of the Studio Calico Community, and I'm so happy to be here with you today!

Tell how about how long you have been scrapbooking and what got you into it in the first place? 
     I started scrapbooking in January 2011 when my very first Becky Higgins Project Life supplies arrived on my doorstep :) (It was the Turquoise edition!) I was getting ready to return to work after a year long maternity leave, and I was SO worried that I was going to miss out on watching my son grow up.  The first 9 months had already been a bit of a blur! So after learning about Project Life, I decided our family stories HAD to be documented, and that's where I began.  

I love that! We started scrapbooking the same year!! Where do you find your inspiration from?
     My inspiration usually starts with the story I want to tell or a favourite picture :) When I need more of a push to get started, I often find myself browsing Pinterest (the poster and Illustration section and the design section almost ALWAYS have something that'll catch my eye) and the Member & Creative team galleries over at Studio Calico.  (Can't speak highly enough about the galleries there!!  I try to stop in often just to ooh and ahh over all the amazing layouts people share.  It makes me so happy and definitely inspired!).  Sometimes, a good sketch will get my brain working overtime when I'm supposed to be going to sleep at night. Most recently, I found myself photographing a McDonalds take out bag because it had a really cool "grid" design on it!

What are your three favorite products of all time? (scrapbooking related) 
     Wood Veneer has the top spot for sure!! Especially the dark woodgrain hearts from Studio Calico's Atlantic collection, and stars of any size :)
Foam pop dots make their way onto almost all of my layouts somehow....I think they sneak their way in there when I'm not looking.
Remember those little word strips that were included with the Antiquary Kit? I LOVE them and all other word strips like them.  I find that some of those strips say what I want to say better than I could say it myself :)

(I love how Pam used the wood venners from South of Market!) 

YES, you mentioned some of my favorite items as well! So glad you love those word strips, I think you will see more in the future! If you had to pick ONE stamp set to use over and over again which one would it be?
     Hmmm....I'm not normally a big stamper.  But I sure do give my roller date stamp a workout!

What are the colors your find the easiest to work with?
     There is a whole lotta blue, green and brown going on in my pages these days :) I've tried to use patterned papers for my backgrounds more recently, but I think my preference is still white cardstock.   More than colour, I really like the look of different textures!! I think I would happily add woodgrain, cork, manila shipping tags and a little splash of gold to anything and everything.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Pam! I loved getting to know you a little better and seeing what makes you tick!!! One thing I really take from your pages is your ability to REALLY focus on the photos and the story. One of the ways I see that most in your projects is with a SUPER big photo and lots of journaling so that is what inspired my layout this month! 

I used the adorable Sandlot kits from Studio Calico to create this 2 page 8.5x11 spread inspired by Pam. I love the red alphas and really allowed the story and photo to be the main feature here. Taking some notes from Pam, and loving it!!! Photo was taken by the amazingly talented lemaire photo

Now here is YOUR chance to be inspired by PAM!!... Here are the details I promised you! 

You may enter a comment to win the gift certificate in each of the following ways!
1. Post a link to your layout, card or project life using the mood board as inspiration
2. Post a link to your social media site where you shared the mood board with info :) 
3. Post a link to your instagram with the mood board tagging myself and Pam.
4. Post a link to where you pinned the mood board from this post. 
5. Post a link to any other CREATIVE way you thought to share!! 

All links must be posted by noon PST July 31st to be counted for
 the drawing to win the $35 Studio Calico gift certificate! 

I can't wait to see what you come up with

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Favorite Fonts for the Hybrid Scrapbooker

One of the fastest and easiest way to change the look of a page is by simply changing the font on your project. The problem is do you ever find yourself going back to the same 3 fonts over and over again? Yes, me too! So I thought I would share some of my faves with your and challenge you to try something new!

*some of these font may already be downloaded to your computer, make sure to check it out before your buy or download fonts. 

For a more in-depth look at how to use fonts in your scrapbook layouts check out  Digtal | Beyond the Basics at Studio Calico where myself along with some of the industry's best will lead you in FUN, exciting ways to use fonts as a design element! 


  • 10 how to videos from Shanna covering techniques for templates, stamp brushes, digital paper, printables and digital die cut files
  • 10 tutorials from the contributors covering techniques for templates, stamp brushes, digital paper, printables and digital die cut files
  • 20 new digital / hybrid projects to inspire you
  • a class message board to interact with Shanna and your fellow students
  • new challenges each week


  • Digital patterned paper (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Templates (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Alphabet Stamp Set (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Stamps (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Embellishments (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Die Cut Files (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)
  • Digital Washi Photo Frames (Shanna Noel for Studio Calico)


Hope to see you there!!! 


Monday, July 21, 2014

Brighton Pier | What I picked up!

Yay! The day is here, Brighton Pier has hit the shop over at Studio Calico!!! I know sometimes when a new collection comes in it can be a bit overwhelmin and you just aren't sure what to grab so I wanted to share with you what I picked up and why! 

Let's face facts here, this is the reason I made sure to RUN (not walk) over to Studio Calico. This handbook. It is perfect in everyway. First off the color = win. Anything with Kal = win and that adorable little mint strap (I love little touches like that) = win. (As I wrote this post this sold out, just click the notify me or watch for it to pop back in the shop) 

Masks are so HOT right now and I LOVE using them with Mister Hueys, mold paste etc! I also love the little size!! Just too much fun!

I personally LOVE 6x6 pads. Since I am not a 12x12 scrapbooker and when I do a layout it is often on a white or kraft background this is the perfect way to get all the fun patterns in a cute little compact pad, and at $5.99 that is a steal!!

I am a sucker for transparencies, and anytime one is avaialble I buy it. I am not much help here! I mean seriously they are so much fun! I LOVE using them for mini album covers, slip in a 3x4 pocket they are really perfect for ANYTHING and everything!!

What did you pick up from the collection?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guest Designer for American Crafts

Amazingly excited to be a guest designers for American Crafts! Please head on over to their blog to see all their fun products and how I used them! I had a blast playing!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A confession I can only make to you....

.. I think you will understand....

I was amazingly blessed to be able to leave my life behind and run away with my husband for 11 days to ALASKA!!!! (P.S. AMAZINGNESS.. more to come on that!!) but I did have that itsy bitsy tiny thought oh *ohmygrapesiwillmissreveal* especially when I saw the card add-on stamp!! I had thoughts of asking a friend to pick up a couple things for me but I thought... no.. I don't NEED everything every month! :) I can TOTALLY do without it..... friends... what do you think is the VERY first thing I did after I tucked my kids in bed for the night the night we got home from Alaska? Studio Calico. That is right. Check out all the awesomness I missed (I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to torture myself like that) and I was SURPRISED to find out some amazing treasures were still up for grabs! I wanted to share with you what I picked up because I am in SHOCK it is still available!!

This was the kit I was thinking I would have to create an e-bay account to bid it out for! LOL :) But seriously... that STAMP SET!!!! I want to create MILLIONS of cards with it! The layering possibilities  I can NOT wait to use it! 

These little cards in the Project Life kit this month stole my heart and even though I wanted to just carry around in my pocket for whenever I needed to smile... I used them in my PL so HOW excited am I to see a stamp and DIE set?! Just adorable!

I love LARGE sentiments that make a statement on a page or a card so I put this baby DIRECTLY in my cart right when I saw it! I could see it being a title on a fun page about my husband or simply the front of a card.. so many possibilities!

Yes. I love tabs. I want to put tabs on anything and when I see anything tab related in a store I don't even think about it! So imagine my delight when I saw this adorable stamp and DIE set from Marcy?! SCORE!!! 

So that is what I scooped up and is STILL available!! What did you get this month? What was your favorite goodie?